Chairman’s Message

Sohar International Institute llc, is established to provide quality technical training in accordance with international standard.Our mission is to help industry to be more productive, while we can help industry in variety of ways; our top priority is to put the customer first. Our premise is modern and we are well known. We strongly believe in practicing high quality in what we do in both services and products is that for which we strive.Our goal is to develop a workforce for you, and to develop opportunities for Omani citizens. Omani workers possess the ability and the desire to perform well. All they need is to understand what is expected of them.

Our Workforce Development Process starts when you commit to create the jobs, and continues until trainees become your employees. Give us the word that you’re ready to build or expand your plant and we’ll find and train a skilled and motivated workforce for you,SII’s project coordinator meets with you to find out what you expect of your employees, together we identify the skills, knowledge and behaviors you seek in each employee, define the training programme content and how trainees will be evaluated, identify instructors, determine where and when the training will occur and what training materials, tools and equipment are needed.SII then recruits trainee candidates who meet your requirements. Assessment begins when we screen the applications; we typically search through hundreds of applications, and then accept the best to attend training. Our selection consistently results in many qualified applicants for each job opening.Attitude is a key indicator for success.

Our training programme enhances skills while allowing you to assess trainee attitudes as they interact with people likely to become their co-workers and supervisors. This provides long hours of detailed assessment of attitude, character, work ethic, literacy, teamwork, and learning ability.We recommend that you hire only those who successfully complete the training programme by demonstrating the required skills and a desire to perform well.

Mohamed Abdullah Al Harthy