Non – Destructive Testing

To create and develop a stable workforce to reduce employment turnover and increase opportunities for Omanis.
Non – Destructive Testing (Level I & II)
Nondestructive Testing is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. In simple terms it is used to inspect or measure without doing harm.
  Liquid Penetrant Testing   1 Day
  Magnetic Particle Testing   2 Days
  Visual Testing   2 Days
  Ultrasonic Testing   5 Days
  Radiographic Testing   5 Days
  Radiographic Film Interpretation   5 Days
  Eddy Current Testing   5 Days
  Infrared Thermography   5 Days
  Acoustic Emission   5 Days
  Leak Testing   5 Days
  Vibration Analysis   5 Days
  Neutron Radiography   5 Days
Minimum Requirements   Target Audience
1. Education – High school or Equivalent   1. Level I: NDT Operators, NDT Salesmen, Anyone seeking the Basic NDT Principles and Practices.
2. Organized NDT Training Program with requiredhours. The training program to include sufficientexaminations to ensure understanding of necessary   2. Level II: Engineers & QA/QC Personnel, Welding Supervisors & Inspectors, NDT Technicians & Practitioners, Qualified NDT Level I individuals who want to be qualified as Level II.
3. Experience as per SNT-TC-1A    
4. Eye Examinations (near vision and color contrast)
performed annually